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Tuscany Holidays with your Pet

Our 4 Legged Friends

Fattoria Maremmana is Pet Friendly: in the green fenced spaces your pet can run freely and safely, respecting the privacy of other guests. Freedom and happiness for you and your beloved friends, with two extra surprises: the Dog Bar and Dog Shower.

Our 4-legged friends are welcome in all our Tuscany Apartments (which have a private fenced garden). Furthermore, for those who wish to have more freedom, the following accommodations are equipped with a private enclosed garden:

  • Studio Flat Ulivo
  • Suite Le Palme
  • Suite Villa Girasole
  • Suite Villa Oasi
  • Suite Two-Rooms Apartment Venere

As required by current regulations, pets are not allowed in the pool area. In the common areas they must be carried in your arms or on the lead.

  • There is an extra charge of € 9 per day for each animal.

Book your Tuscany Apartments at Fattoria Maremmana. Here we offer excellent Pet Friendly Solution to let you spend a great vacation with your 4 legged friend.