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Pink flamingos in the lagoon of Orbetello

The development of pink flamingo in the water of the lagoon of Orbetello, an unspoiled paradise for bird watchers


The Orbetello lagoon is one of the most pristine natural areas of Tuscany and is a habit unique.

The oasis of Orbetello lagoon covers 850 acres and is managed directly by the WWF.
It is a wetland of great importance of refuge for thousands of birds and mammals.
The oasis consists of 300 hectares of brackish water lagoon with land outcrops of marsh vegetation.

sardehnaThe lagoon is home to a nature reserve managed by WWF Italy nesting or passing many rare bird species, including the Knights of Italy, the pink flamingo, the great white herons and osprey.
The lagoon waters are rich in valuable fish such as sea bass, sea bream, mullet and eel. Its flora consists of a coastal pine wood (pine and domestic) and vegetation sclerofillica with Phoenician juniper and cuddly, phillyrea, sea buckthorn, smilax, mastic and myrtle, holm oaks, cork oaks with manna ash and oak.

Pirouettes on the water and a span of a deep pink. The every day and watch the flight of flamingos is a unique show.

puglia_1Two strips of land from the coast of Orbetello protrude into the sea, reaching the Monte Argentario. In the middle of the lagoon of strips of land, the dunes and the Mediterranean Sea surrounded. Pink flamingos are found here in the fall and winter, and warm the islands on the water.

The reserves of the lagoon is open to visitors from September 1 to April 30.

Our Fattoria Maremmana is open all year round to enjoy this spectacle of nature